A Socio-Ecological Observatory for Southern African Woodlands

The SEOSAW plot network

The SEOSAW partnership holds plot data from across the woodlands and savannas of southern Africa. A major activity of SEOSAW is collating these data and conducting regional analyses of the structure and function of the region’s vegetation.

The map below shows the location of the main data sets the partnership holds, along with the distribution of savannas and woodlands in Africa. This map is periodically updated as we add new data sets.


Plots with multiple censuses will eventually be provided to for those members of the partnership who wish to make their data, or just the metadata, public. As part of the SEOSAW project, the database is being adapted to allow it to handle data from savannas and woodlands more easily. This part of SEOSAW is being led by Prof. Simon Lewis at the University of Leeds / UCL.

If you are interested in being involved in data synthesis activities and have data you would like to contribute, please contact Casey Ryan.

Data sharing agreement

SEOSAW maintains a strict data sharing agreement and code of conduct for SEOSAW members who wish to use SEOSAW data or contribute to the SEOSAW database. Please see the full Code of Conduct and the accompanying plain language summary.