A Socio-Ecological Observatory for Studying African Woodlands

The SEOSAW plot network

The SEOSAW partnership maintains a database of tree and stem measurements gathered from plots across Sub-Saharan Africa. A major activity of SEOSAW is collating these data and conducting analyses of the structure and function of the region’s vegetation.

The map above shows the locations of plots in the SEOSAW dataset, The map also shows the SEOSAW core region, which encompasses woody savannas and woodlands in southern Africa. The core region is based on White’s vegetation map of Africa and is further shaped by expert opinion.

The SEOSAW dataset

The SEOSAW dataset is available for research purposes following agreement from all data contributors. SEOSAW maintains a strict data sharing agreement and code of conduct for SEOSAW members who wish to use SEOSAW data or contribute to the SEOSAW database. Please see the full Code of Conduct and the accompanying plain language summary.

A sample of the dataset is available here.

Plots with multiple censuses will eventually be provided to ForestPlots.net for those members of the partnership who wish to make public their data, or just the metadata. As part of the SEOSAW project, the ForestPlots.net database has been adapted to handle data from savannas and woodlands more easily. There is a dataset manual available which covers the contents of the SEOSAW dataset and how it is generated from raw data.

Submit a data request

To access our data, we require that you put together a data request which is reviewed by the steering committee first and then data owners. This process takes about a month. Please answer the questions in this document and get in touch via the contact form below if you would like to use the SEOSAW dataset.