A Socio-Ecological Observatory for Studying African Woodlands

Measurement protocols for African woodlands and savannas

We are developing a set of linked protocols that will allow for data collected across the region to be compared, whilst retaining flexibility to suit the many different objectives of researchers in the region. All the protocols are ‘living documents’, and we welcome input and suggestions from all. Previous versions of the SEOSAW protocols can be found here.

The following protocols are currently available:

And to help you with these protocols, we have recently created this recommended equipment list.

We provide template field datasheets and data entry files if you are thinking about setting up your own plot in the SEOSAW style:

We use KoboToolbox to host digital data entry forms for use on Android devices. Follow these instructions to get setup with your Android device. Remember to consult the SEOSAW plot design and stem measurements manual before collecting data.

Purpose of the protocols