Measurement protocols for African woodlands and savannas
A Socio-Ecological Observatory for Southern African Woodlands

Measurement protocols for African woodlands and savannas

We are developing a set of linked protocols that will allow for data collected across the region to be compared, whilst retaining flexibility to suit the many different objectives of researchers in the region.

The following protocols are in the works, after we agreed at the first meeting to prioritise the following:

All the protocols are ‘living documents’, and we welcome input and suggestions from all.

Example field data sheets will be added here shortly, and an ODK Android tablet data entry form is also being developed.

Purpose of the protocols

SEOSAW dataset usage

The SEOSAW dataset uses two tables to organise data, a stems table and a plots table. To help guide your own data collection, refer to these pages which document the format of the data stored in each of these tables:

Additionally, refer to the seosawr package vignette for more information on how the SEOSAW dataset is cleaned and how you can format your own data in a SEOSAW friendly way. See here for further description of the SEOSAW dataset.